teenage treatment

a variety of options and innovative methods

We offer different types of braces including traditional metal braces and ceramic braces, which use clear brackets so are less visible, as well as popular invisible treatment methods and Invisalign®.

Teenage treatment

beautiful smiles and properly-aligned bites

We also use a number of orthodontic appliances to create beautiful, healthy smiles and properly-aligned bites. A properly-aligned bite refers to the way the upper and lower teeth fit together; the upper teeth should fit slightly over the lower teeth, and the points of the molars should fit into the grooves of the corresponding lower molar. A properly-aligned bite improves overall dental health and creates a beautiful smile. These benefits can last a lifetime.

Teenage treatment

One of the orthodontic appliances we use to correct a misaligned bite is the twin block appliance. This is made up of two removable plates that attach to the upper and lower teeth. This appliance positions your lower jaw forward and is used to correct an overbite. It stays in place continuously for approximately 9 months, but you can remove it for eating, brushing, swimming, and playing contact sports.

We also use an expansion appliance to widen the upper arch. This helps to make room for all the adult teeth without the need for tooth extraction. The expansion appliance can be used to correct a posterior crossbite and other bite problems as well.

Teenage treatment

we partner with your teen

Our professional and caring staff help educate your teen in the best ways to take care of his or her teeth while wearing an orthodontic appliance. We’ve learned that a well-educated patient is the most successful patient.

Contact us at Invisible Orthodontics today for an initial assessment to determine the right kind of orthodontic treatment for your teen.

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Teenage treatment