Digital orthodontic scanners

As a team, we’re always looking at ways we can utilise the latest in orthodontic developments to deliver bigger and better results for our patients. At Invisible Orthodontics, we no longer need to take moulds; instead, we use several innovative digital orthodontic scanners.

Improving orthodontic treatment

Why do we use digital scanners? The reason is, scanners enable us to operate more effectively and efficiently when it comes to treating our patients. We canadjust your treatment plan in real time thus responding to the movement of your teeth without affecting their progress.

Types of digital orthodontic scanners

At Invisible Orthodontics, we use two digital scanners: 

iTero Intraoral digital scanner

iTero Intraoral digital scanner

The iTero Intraoral digital scanner is a piece of scanning technology which will allow us to take 3D digital impressions of your teeth and bite. This will enable us to create a treatment plan that is more accurate and flexible, catering to your individual treatment needs.


3M Tru Definition scanner

3M Tru Definition scanner

The 3M Tru Definition digital scanner enables our team to take precise accurate precisions of your teeth and jaws so we can design the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Using the digital scanner, we can carefully analyse the alignment of your teeth and the movement that will be required to bring them into a straighter position.


We are also the first orthodontic practice in the world to be using the iCAT Cone Beam CT scanning machine on a trial basis with Invisalign. This machine records accurate 3D dental imaging of our patients teeth and jaws so appliances and aligners can be custom made to fit exactly.

5 benefits of digital scanners

Here are five benefits that using digital orthodontic scanners bring to our practice and your treatment: 

  1. Video technology: Digital scanners use advanced video technology which means your orthodontist can view your teeth and overall orthodontic needs in real time.
  2. Accuracy: The digital impression system of each scanner allows for more accurate records of your teeth.
  3. Better fit: Because the impressions taken by the scanners are so precise, your chosen orthodontic appliance will be a better fit for your teeth.
  4. Fewer visits: Better fitting appliances mean less visits to the orthodontic chair. This helps to ensure orthodontic treatment doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle.
  5. Comfort: Having moulds taken of your teeth can be an intrusive exercise, but that’s a thing of the past with orthodonticdigital scanners. They make for a much more comfortable treatment experience overall.

View the scanners

These videos explain just some of the benefits of the digital orthodontic scanners we use here at Invisible Orthodontics.

iTero scanner

3M Tru Definition scanner 

Book your free Invisalign consultation with the team at Invisible Orthodontics today and enjoy the benefits digital orthodontic scanners can bring to you.

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