insignia advanced smile design

what is insignia advanced smile design?

Insignia Advanced Smile Design is a computerised system which enables us to create an incredibly accurate and precise digital treatment plan. From this plan we can then order you specially designed brackets and archwires which fit your teeth and mouth perfectly.


how does insignia advanced smile design work?

Here at Invisible Orthodontics, we'll use Insignia Advanced Smile Design to capture 3D impressions of your teeth. Once we have these records, we'll send them away to Insignia's Smile Design lab where your custom made brackets and wires will be made up. When they're ready, we'll call you in for your fitting appointment and attach your very own, specially made set of braces to your teeth. Yes, it's that simple!


what are the benefits of insignia advanced smile design?

Insignia Advanced Smile Design has a number of benefits, including:

  • Faster treatment time: Because the brackets and archwires have been custom made to your mouth and teeth, this helps to speed up treatment time. In fact, Insignia can speed up treatment by up to 25%.
  • More comfortable experience: The customMore comfortable experience: made braces fit your teeth exactly making for a more comfortable treatment experience.
  • See your smile at the beginning: Insignia's software enables you to see what your smile will look like, even before you've started treatment.

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