treatment agreement information

Treatment Agreement Information

Before commencing treatment, please ensure all financials are set up and the necessary documents signed. Please note the following:

  • Appliances will not be ordered and treatment will not commence until all deposits and signed documents have been received by the practice.
  • All payment plans are set up through a third party called DentiCare. This allows us to concentrate on the most important part of your/your child’s orthodontic treatment and leave the financials to a trusted billing company. Please ensure you read through the DentiCare Service Agreement.
  • Please note we are unable to accept ongoing payments directly to the practice other than the initial deposit for our treatments, or in the case where payment is made in full.
  • Payment plan times are separate from the orthodontic treatment time. You may choose to set up a payment plan over a longer period of time, and continue paying once treatment is finished. Alternatively, you may choose to complete payments earlier, but still be in the process of treatment.
  • Please refer to your fee agreement for what is included in your investment.
  • If you have a private health fund, please discuss your claim options with them directly before commencement of treatment, as all health fund work very differently. Invisible Orthodontics can provide receipts for payments made directly to us, as well as a Treatment Plan letter to assist claiming. DentiCare can also provide you with an Activity Statement for claiming purposes.
  • Active treatment time is individual and can vary greatly depending on the complexity of treatment required. At times, treatment is less than predicted and at other times greater than predicted due to individual variations in biological response. The treatment fee is fixed in either regard. No treatment method can be guaranteed to finish at a specified time period.
  • DentiCare can be contacted on 1300 633 472.

Please seek assistance from our reception staff should you have any other queries regarding your financials or documentation.

Cancellation of Treatment

If you have signed up for orthodontic treatment, paid the deposit and signed all documentation, but choose to cancel treatment, please take note of the following:

  • Fees will apply for cancellations
  • Money’s paid will be refunded with the exception of credit card fees, any DentiCare fees incurred and administration fees regardless of circumstances
  • Private health fund payments received through Hicaps will be reimbursed directly to your health fund where applicable
  • Cancellations after appliances have been manufactured will incur extra lab fees
  • If you have commenced treatment and wish to finish treatment at an earlier stage for any reason, then the cost for the treatment up until that point will be decided by Invisible Orthodontics


My staff are an integral part of this practice, I would be unable to accomplish all of the various technical tasks without their considerable help. You may expect to see them performing many services for the patients as I am not able to be in all areas at once. Should you have questions during treatment, please feel free to speak to either myself or my staff. They are very competent to handle most problems, and you will find them easily accessible. – Dr Vas Srinivasan

Default Clause

  • I/we understand that if our account falls into arrears from the agreed payment schedule, interest will be charged to our accounts after one month at the rate of 5% per annum. I/we are obligated to pay all amounts past due including interest to ensure I/we meet the requirements under the agreed payment schedule.
  • Should I/we, the customer, not pay for the goods or services supplied by Invisible Orthodontics, the supplier, in accordance with the credit terms as provided herein, or as agreed to in writing, Invisible Orthodontics shall be entitled to charge an administration fee of 14% of the amount of the invoice payable per year, or part thereof, from the date that the goods or services were supplied (and not the date when the Supplier’s invoice was payable) until payment is received.
  • I/we hereby agree to pay to Invisible Orthodontics all costs and expenses (including legal costs on a Solicitor-and-Own-Client basis and Collection Agency commission charges) incurred by the Supplier in exercising any of its rights and remedies under this Agreement, and without limiting the generality hereof, any costs and expenses howsoever incurred arising from the late payment or non-payment by the Applicant.
  • I/we, the applicant, acknowledge and agree that this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Queensland, and each party hereby submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the State of Queensland.

Additional Services

Additional services to be aware of:

  • X-rays will be taken at the start, completion of treatment and when necessary during treatment. These are NOT included in your treatment fee, but are bulkbilled when done at our practice.
  • Any procedures performed by inside/outside health care providers are NOT included in our treatment fees (e.g.: Fillings, Cleaning, General Dental Examinations, Extractions, Whitening etc.).
  • Additional charges will be levied for lost or broken appliances and for poor compliance and factors leading to increased treatment time.
  • Failure to attend appointments and last minute cancellations will incur fees
  • Poor oral hygiene can lead to termination of treatment. Please visit your hygienist/dentist every 6 months during active orthodontic treatment.
  • Due to individual variation, patients who choose clear aligner treatment may require metal braces for a period of time to improve efficiency and outcome of treatment. This is at no additional cost.

Patient Consent

By signing below, I consent for my/my child’s pre and post treatment records to be used for educational/marketing purposes. I understand that my/my child’s personal details will not be shared. I understand that I can request for non-participation of the above at any time by sending an email to the practice.

Signature of Billing Party:

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