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At Invisible Orthodontics we offer a variety of options for braces—from traditional metal braces, with the options of coloured elastic bands, to the less noticeable clear (ceramic) braces. We even provide braces bonded to the backside of teeth (lingual braces). Each of these is described below.

coloured braces—an excellent option

Metal braces are still an effective and affordable option, and today the brackets are smaller and smoother than in years past. Standard metal braces consist of brackets (small devices that are bonded to the front surface of each tooth), an arch wire (a wire that is connected to each bracket), and ligatures (small elastic bands that attach the arch wire to each bracket). These ligatures come in a variety of colours, and the patient can choose the colour each time the elastics are changed during treatment.

Insignia braces

self-ligating braces reduce force and treatment time

Dr Vas regularly uses self-ligating braces (also called Empower braces). These braces are different from standard metal braces in that the brackets, which are bonded to each tooth, are rounded and smooth. They also have a little trap door that attaches the archwire to the bracket. This means that no elastic bands are needed to attach the archwire. The self-ligating system has less friction than elastic bands. Less friction means less force is needed to move the tooth, which reduces pain and discomfort as well as total treatment time. In addition, elastics can accumulate plaque very close to the enamel surface of the tooth, which leads to cavities. The self-ligating braces have no non-metal surfaces, which tend to stay cleaner.

Insignia braces

clear (ceramic) braces minimize the appearance of braces

Clear (ceramic) braces offer a more aesthetically pleasing option compared to metal braces. They are fixed to the outside of the teeth, like metal braces, but the brackets are translucent and are therefore less noticeable. Although a standard (metal) wire is still used to align the teeth, it is much less noticeable when not attached to metal brackets, offering you a more natural smile throughout treatment. Ceramic braces are an excellent option for many patients.

Insignia braces

lingual braces are hidden from view

Lingual braces are placed on the inside (or tongue-side) of the teeth using small, streamlined brackets, offering adults a virtually undetectable fixed brace system. Lingual braces are a good choice if you are concerned about damaging the front surface of your teeth with brackets. Lingual braces may be used in combination with other braces. For example, you may choose to have lingual braces on your upper teeth and standard braces on your lower teeth.

The process of creating your customised lingual braces begins with making a mould or impression of your teeth. This mould is sent to the laboratory where computer-aided design software is used to manufacture custom-fit brackets for each tooth. These brackets are bonded to the backside of your teeth. The archwire, designed and bent to your specific orthodontic requirements, is then attached. As with any braces, there is an adjustment period with lingual braces. For the first week or two, your tongue might be a little sore and your speech can be a little slurred.

Insignia braces

we monitor progress and comfort

We work closely with you throughout treatment to monitor your comfort and progress. You will come into our practice for regular adjustments and check ups so we can make sure your treatment is progressing on schedule. We will teach you how to keep your braces clean and provide you with a kit that contains cleaning devices and small sections of wax that can be attached to any wire or bracket that irritates your cheek or gums.

Insignia braces

our goal is the best long-term results

Our primary concern is providing you with the most effective treatment possible. Therefore, before starting treatment, we spend a great deal of time assessing your specific issues and discussing the treatment options that will achieve the best long-term results.

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